All-solid-state batteries will power next generation EVs

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Electric vehicles will need to have a range of ~500 miles, 10 minute charging, and cost competitive to reach the mass market.

EVs won’t get there with lithium-ion batteries and will need to transition to next generation all-solid-state batteries.

All-solid-state batteries replace the liquid electrolyte with a solid material such as ceramic, glass or a polymer.

Some have solved several all-solid-state battery problems, but not all;

  • Battery life that’s too short for a vehicle
  • Suffer from poor conductivity
  • Uncompetitive costs
  • Violent swelling and shrinking of materials when charged or discharged

Toyota is leading the patent race on all-solid-state batteries with 233 patents or applications, ~3x more than closest competitor.

Lithium-ion batteries will never be a game changer for the mass market. Something else needs to deliver a range of ~500 miles, 10 minute charging, and cost competitive.

– Mike Reed

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Bloomberg Source Article: Race for Next-Generation Battery Supremacy Has an Early Leader

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