India rolling out 21 nuclear reactors, despite $139 MWh minimum LCOE

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India has 9 nuclear reactors under construction and another 12 planned, despite minimum costs of $139 MWh based on China’s Taishan data point.

India nuclear power generation status;

  • Currently installed 22 nuclear power reactors at 7 plant sites totaling 6,780 MW
  • Under construction 9 nuclear power reactors totaling 6,730 MW, completion 2024-2025
  • Planned 12 nuclear power reactors totaling 8,970 MW, completion 2031

This is despite prohibitively high nuclear costs. China’s Taishan reactor came on line December 2018 and is being secretive about final cost. What we do know is Taishan was 5 years late, planned 2013 operational turned into 2018 operational, and costs came in at least 3.3x higher than budgeted, 7,245 kW actual as compared to 2,143 kW budgeted. This would deliver a minimum $139 MWh levelized cost of electricity, but in all likelihood higher.

Nuclear marches on in Asia, seemingly independent of economics.

– Mike Reed

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Kallanish Energy Source Article: India to bring 21 nuclear reactors online by 2031

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