Marine IMO 2020 will discharge 3.0% sulfur into ocean, compared to 2.6% sulfur

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To reach compliance with Marine IMO 2020 sulfur regulations, there are 3 primary options;

  • Ship scrubbers
  • Desulfurize fuel oil
  • Fuel switching to LNG/distillate

What will happen is high sulfur fuel oil targeted for the ship scrubber market will see sulfur content rise from ~2.6% to ~3.0%, as desulfurizing fuel oil shifts sulfur around. 3.0% sulfur will be discharged into the ocean, as compared to 2.6% sulfur.

Ship scrubbers are “open loop”, where a scrubber dissolves sulfur emissions from a ship’s exhaust as an acidic solution, which is diluted with sea water, and then released into the sea once it reaches the correct pH level. The sulfate in the wash water is already a large component of saltwater, so no environmental or aquatic damage.

Most pollution never really goes away, it is just moved around.

– Mike Reed

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Bloomberg Source Article: How Environmental Rules Will Actually Make Shipping Fuel Dirtier

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