Nord Stream 2 may be halted on Russia/Ukraine conflict

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Russia’s November seizure of two dozen Ukrainian sailors tilted German politics from supporters to skeptics of Nord Stream 2 pipeline underneath Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine.

Nord Stream 1 flows ~5.3 BCF/d and Nord Stream 2 would double that to ~10.6 BCF/d.

Trump cited geopolitical risks of Nord Stream 2 at July 2018 NATO summit.

Nord Stream 2 is significant for several reasons;

  1. It backs out US LNG supply to Europe
  2. It increases Russian bargaining power over Europe

I give Nord Stream 2 a 50/50 chance of proceeding, down from 90/10 chance of proceeding.

– Mike Reed

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Bloomberg Source Article: Germany Wobbles on Russian Gas Pipeline as Putin Tensions Mount

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