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cEntellect delivers research and analysis, dynamic and optimized risk management services, predictive analytics, valuation services, and Valuation VectorsTM for crude oil, natural gas, power, and related energy clients looking to fully realize the value of their assets. Customers cover a wide range of the energy sector including producers, consumers, transporters, financial market participants, and capital providers.

Our Services

Research & Analysis
Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Provide unique and actionable market views by conducting targeted, bottoms-up research on liquid and non-liquid energy and related markets

  • Weekly Crude, Natural Gas, & Power Fundamentals Report
  • In-Depth Special Research Topics
  • Daily Hot Topic Summaries
  • Asset Valuation and Project Finance Services
Dynamic Risk Management

Dynamic Risk Management

Customized client hedging and trading strategies to fully realize the value of energy sector assets

  • Optimized Hedging Programs
  • Enhanced Asset Monetization
  • Increased Asset Value Certainty and Profitability
Dynamic Risk Management
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Utilize machine learning technology to analyze our proprietary database of market and orthogonal data coupled with customer specific metrics to predict events with significant business impacts

  • Multiple Order Causality Analysis
  • Incorporating Seemingly Unrelated Datasets
  • Interrogating Information with Multiple Industry-Leading Methodologies
Valuation Vectors<sup>TM</sup>

Valuation VectorsTM

Accurately forecast forward and spot market based curves for a broad range of commodity markets at the most granular levels possible

  • Liquid and Non-Liquid Market Prices
  • Hourly Power and Ancillary Service Curves
  • Volatility and Correlation Surfaces
Valuation VectorsTM

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