Who is cEntellect?

Data-focused Energy Risk Management Professionals
Research | Predictive Analytics | Dynamic Hedging | Asset Valuation | Strategy & Execution

cEntellect delivers research and analysis, dynamic and optimized risk management services, predictive analytics, valuation services, and Valuation VectorsTM for crude oil, natural gas, power, and related energy clients looking to fully realize the value of their assets. Customers cover a wide range of the energy sector including producers, consumers, transporters, financial market participants, and capital providers. cEntellect’s founders have built their professional careers on successful execution and management of commodity assets and financial markets.

cEntellect Overview

cHedgeTM, our proprietary machine learning system, has allowed cEntellect to beat published market median commodity stocks and storage forecasts over 68% of the time during the last 25 months and to develop a proven track record of increasing value certainty and profitability compared to conventional hedging strategies.

The cEntellect team is founded upon best in class operators who have built careers on effective execution and management and have experienced unique success in equity based ventures in the energy sector. Through our partnership with Teleios Commodities, we aim to provide unparalleled service, information, and accuracy to lead our clients in fully monetizing the value of their assets and operations.

Mike Reed

Founder and Managing Partner

Over 36 years of immersion in energy commodities verticals including crude, refined products and petrochemicals, natural gas, LNG, CNG, NGL, coal, conventional, renewable and alternative power, emissions, and weather. He has been called upon to lead analytics for the likes of TXU, Hunt Oil, ICAP Global, Credit Suisse, BP Capital, and a multitude of family offices, private equity, and investment banks. Mike has a long track-record of market-beating guidance forecasting gas and oil stats 67% more accurate than market expectations weekly over the past two years.

Mike’s experience in leading, managing, and mentoring energy fundamentals, analytical, quantitative, and research teams makes him uniquely qualified to provide strategic guidance, revenue growth strategies, and leadership development insights to c suite executives and shareholders.

Kevin McKenna
Managing Partner

William McCawley

Thomas Duquemin

Supporting Team


Brandon Schwertner

Anne Friday

James Davis

Cliff Ghoram

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